Installation & bespoke

Autochron offers bespoke one off manufacturing, together with an installation service for Halda and electronic trip meters, clocks, timers etc. A variety of cars have been through our doors, and are out there successfully competing in UK and international rallies etc. 

Modified Russian tank clock

My own 1960 Big Healey

MG K3 - Jaeger clock

Homage to Bluebird K7

MGA 1600 mk2 - Brantz


Bugatti Type 59 - GaugePilot

Austin A30 - Brantz


Bespoke vintage quick release fuel cap

Bentley Continental S1 - Halda


Vintage - GaugePilot

1965 Alfa Rome Giulia Sprint GT 


Another Healey 3000 - Halda / Heuer

Bentley ATI Halda "T" gear

Bespoke stopwatch holder


Austin Healey 3000 works replica


1972 MGB - Brantz

Bespoke stopwatch holder

Bespoke triple stopwatch holder

Stopwatch holder with lights

GaugePilot AC ACE

Stopwatch holder in Porsche 912