Designed for motorsport and track days, Racelogic's in car camera systems, racing data loggers, GPS lap timers, performance meters and video systems combine precision with reliability to help you go faster.

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vbox video hd2.jpg (38403 bytes) VBOX Video HD2 is the ultimate in video data logging for those who want to achieve better lap times and greater consistency at the wheel of their race car.
video vbox pro.jpg (41375 bytes) Video VBOX Pro a high-end in-car video system aimed primarily at motorsport professionals and driving instructors.
video vbox waterproof.jpg (44490 bytes) Video VBOX Waterproof housed in a water resistant casing, Video VBOX Waterproof incorporates a flange and mounting holes to allow you to bolt the data logger anywhere on the vehicle. 
video vbox lite.jpg (29347 bytes) Video VBOX Lite is the established club racer's choice. Recording standard definition video via two cameras, with real-time graphical overlay and 10Hz GPS data logging, the Lite has a wealth of features at a budget price.

vbox laptimer.jpg (49092 bytes)

VBOX LapTimer gives you an invaluable insight into how your current lap time compares with your fastest lap time.

vbox sport.jpg (45988 bytes)

VBOX Sport a lightweight, portable data logger that can be used in any vehicle and environment to measure performance or lap times, can be used as a stand-alone logger or via your iOS device via Bluetooth

racelogic performance box.jpg (58075 bytes)

Performance Box is a GPS based performance meter that measures G-forces, speed, lap & split times, 0-60, 0-100, braking distance etc.