halda calc.jpg (130683 bytes)
Halda Twinmaster and Tripmaster Excel calibration programme (requires MS Excel)
speedpilot calc.jpg (83536 bytes)
Halda Speedpilot Excel calculator (requires MS Excel)
autochron measured route.jpg (84265 bytes)
Measured / calibration route
Thread size chart v7
Conversation table from fractions of an inch to metric v3
metal colour coding.jpg (319960 bytes)
Metals specification chart
spanner and ruler.jpg (55657 bytes)
Spanner size
swg small.jpg (34426 bytes)
Standard Wire Gauge 
imperial drill size chart.jpg (34426 bytes)
Imperial drill size chart
startrite bandit band saw cutting speed table.jpg (608714 bytes)
Band Saw cutting speeds (Startrite)
auto bulb spec.JPG (39231 bytes)
Auto bulb base specification
Rudge-Whitworth splined hubs 2.jpg (257335 bytes)
Rudge Whitworth wheel spline size
halda_instructions.jpg (34426 bytes)
Halda Twinmaster and Tripmaster fitting
halda_speedpilot_instructions.jpg (36514 bytes)
Halda Speedpilot fitting instructions
halda speedpilot instruction manual 1.jpg (573202 bytes)
Halda Speedpilot fitting, adjusting and operating instructions
 halda speedpilot fitting instructions - ref. 217655.jpg (256714 bytes)
alda Seedpilot fitting instructions - ref. 217655
halda_tgear.jpg (29647 bytes)
Halda fitting a RHD Volvo 122 - courtesy of Martin Jubb 
halda wheel drive.jpg (29212 bytes)
Halda Wheel drive 
halda rally computer.jpg (16034 bytes)
Hartwig wheel drive
halda rally computer.jpg (16034 bytes)
Halda Rally Computer
brantz 2.jpg (21948 bytes)
Brantz International 2 

Retrotrip II and Retrotrip Classic tripmeter
brantz sensor.jpg (11332 bytes)
Brantz sensors for Brantz and Retrotrip tripmeters 
brantz if.jpg (5993 bytes)
Brantz I/F for Brantz and Retrotrip tripmeters 
brantz_clock.jpg (31224 bytes)
Brantz Rally Clock 

Brantz Power Conditioner for Brantz and Retrotrip tripmeters
terra arc.jpg (211210 bytes)
Terratrip ARC
terra_202.jpg (33953 bytes)
terratrip fitting and operating instructions.jpg (432128 bytes)
Terratrip 1 / 202 / 303 / 404 
Kearfott Precision Rally Computer
gaugepilot-b0.161.jpg (82424 bytes)
GaugePilot - Specification
aifab_gemini.jpg (29103 bytes)
Aifab Gemini instruction manual
aifab cable instructions.jpg (199560 bytes)
Aifab cable instructions
curta_ii.jpg (47934 bytes)
electronic_speedtable.jpg (42130 bytes)
Brantz Average Speed 
robic.jpg (5725 bytes)
Heuer Microsplit 1000 
fastime11.jpg (32809 bytes)
AST Fastime 11 / Jumbo stopwatch 
heuer montecarlo three button standard manual 1.jpg (52983 bytes)
Heuer Montecarlo 3 button standard manual
heuer montecarlo three button standard manual 1.jpg (52983 bytes)
Heuer Montecarlo 3 button standard manual
heuer montecarlo three button with decimal manual 1.jpg (47154 bytes)
Heuer Montecarlo 3 button with decimal manual 
heuer montecarlo two button standard manual 1.jpg (116596 bytes)
Heuer Montecarlo 2 button standard manual
heuer autorally standard manual 1.jpg (55544 bytes)
Heuer Autorally standard manual


mig.jpg (45461 bytes)
Russian 'Mig' type aircraft clock
mig.jpg (45461 bytes)
Russian aircraft clock
richie_compass2.jpg (39889 bytes)
Richie compass X-10 and X15
compass.jpg (32244 bytes)
Car compass (332Kb)

1960's period compass 
silva_compass.jpg (28124 bytes)
Silva compass

helphos white.jpg (39268 bytes)
hella rally lamp grey.jpg (31838 bytes)
butler nos.jpg (17488 bytes)
Butler map light
red warning light.jpg (47767 bytes)
Low oil pressure warning light warning diagram 
facet fuel pump.jpg (14072 bytes)
Facet fuel pump 
solex mov & moh carburettor.jpg (34426 bytes)
Solex MOV & MOH carburetors 
malpas filter king.jpg (211210 bytes)
Malpas Filter King 
enots dimesnions.jpg (38688 bytes)
Enots Fuel cap sizes 

lucas sd84 trafficator switch.jpg (211592 bytes)
Lucas SD84 trafficator semaphore switch connections 

lucas_demistrear.jpg (34210 bytes)
Lucas screen demister 
lucas_demistrear.jpg (34210 bytes)
Lucas screen demister models WH1 & WH2  
air horns.jpg (17143 bytes)
Maserati air horns
fia master switch.jpg (19721 bytes)
FIA master battery switch
relays small.jpg (34426 bytes)
Common relay specs.